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Your Invitation to be a Part of Harcourts Hilton Open Midlands Gardens 2020

“Planning has begun to devise a very different plan for the forthcoming Open Gardens Season. The theme we have chosen is NEW, LITTLE AND OLD. This gives us wonderful scope to include a wide spectrum of gardens but structured in such a way that a specific route will be followed for some of them, thus bringing cohesion and ease of access for visitors. In these frugal days of high travelling expenses, the Committee will choose four areas in which the gardens will be concentrated. These areas will be revealed as the master plan falls into place”, commented Jackie Kalley, convenor of the Harcourts Hilton Open Midlands Gardens.

Greater Amber Natural Resources Club - September 2019

Wildlife on your windowsill

They don’t nibble rosebuds or dig up bulbs in the lily bed, which is already a good reason why some residents prefer the smaller wildlife in their gardens. Watching the antics of reptiles can be as rewarding as counting the stripes on the side of a zebra.


“Forth with the grinding of couplings, the hissing and snorting of steam!” The Ambers Drama Group is bringing you a nostalgic entertainment of verse, recorded music, videos and pictures about the heydays of rail travel in South Africa. It comes in the tradition that the Drama Group has established over the years of unusual programmes of readings and music, such as the ones on World War One and World War Two, the Women’s Day programme, and “Easter Voices”.

Greater Ambers Garden Club - September 2019


At our last meeting the large appreciative audience were totally fascinated with the presentation on the use of herbs by Geoff Makin from Petersgate Herbs. As he said – you can eat them, drink them, bath in them and control the bugs – and more – the list is endless! Having established their enterprise near Lidgetton many years ago, Geoff and his wife, Karen, have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the rearing of these magical plants which occupy a first-class place in our domestic environment.